New Splinterlands Rewards - To Advance or Not Advance???

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I'm asking about Leagues :) Original idea was to try stay in Gold I. It was looking like I might not make it to Diamond this season. Today I actually made it. Now I've fallen back to Gold I after taking few hits. I'll still be getting Diamond reward chests next season.

At this rate I'll be getting at least as many reward chests end of season as I used to have. What I'm lacking is Daily Quest rewards. But these Diamond chests are massively improved in odds.

They're 2.38X More Expensive Too

DEC Earning Increase Alone Makes Up For It

At the moment I'm thinking I'm making right call. When season report comes out I can compare rewards. I'm not in a mood to do more math right now and speculate. It's better to take time & see how it goes. I could get myself stuck in Gold if results look bleak :)

PS: Here's where you play the game. You can have some cool stats here & here Seriously... give them a look if you're into #Play2Earn #GameFi stuff. It only takes few minutes!

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