Rate The Latest Splinterlands Reward Cards

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I think I'm a little late with this poll. It's been 13 days since they were announced and they've been i play for a week. Maybe that was for the best. people have had time to check out and see the new cards and how they act.

Prices Were Insane At First

I remember seeing Almo Cambio at a price of something close to $20 when there were only few cards released. Sill there's not Gold Foil only 1 Gold Foil printed

Old Out of Print Cards vs New Releases

Take a look how well new cards are doing. Even some of the Epic cards are doing better than some of the Legendary cards. There is even one Rare Card among the list.

Check The Lore

These are the 10 cards that got released recently. You should be seeing them in your Daily Quest completions and next season rewards coming up in few days.

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