Serious Delays With Hive-Engine & Steem-Engine

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I've been a regular Splinterlands & dCity player. Today I did few things with both of these games that made me think the infrastructure was broken.

Here's What I Did

  1. Transfered DEC from Steem-Engine to Splinterlands game
  2. Transfered DEC from Hive-Engine to Splinterlands game
  3. Bought dCity cards (paid with SIM)

Here's What Happened

  1. Nothing......... (Steem-Engine.Net balances never show up on Splinterlands)
  2. My DEC balance reduced on Hive-Engine but nothing showed up in game
  3. SIM balance reduced and nothing happened

After about 30 mins (rough estimate) my DEC did show up in game. Tx immediately showed up o the DEX website as sent. The Dapps didn't read/process the Tx. Same with SIM Tx. I still hadn't got my dCity NFT when I started posting.

  • Is this just me facing this issue?
  • Is it something with nodes?

Things show up on So the funds will be SAFU. It's just the user experience is broken. It'll be fixed soon. I do trust in the devs. But if you are looking for some quick trades; BE WARNED!

If you know more about the situation, your thoughts/links will be very welcome. You can vote on dpoll with you Keychain securely :)

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