Should Rising Star Create An Easy Swap Feature (Like Splinterlands) To Buy Startbits& Starpro?

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This is real opportunity for the devs to make some extra income. Heck , they could use this as an opportunity to buy some Tokens and reduce supply. It'll be a super cool way to bring Starbits to the (soft) peg at 10K Starbits = 5 Hive

Results are going to get so much better with Hive prices doing well. Haven't been able to look much into how the stats have been for the game. I just play when I get an opportunity.

Current Method

  • Buy from Hive-Engine, LeoDEX or similar
  • Need to transfer crypto to exchange
  • Involves transferring tokens in & out game

This is everyday for most us crypto users. It's a small annoyance. For regular folks it's super hard...... like rocket science. We need more 1 or 2 step solutions.

Inspiration From Splinterlands

It's basically a bot buying at lowest market prices. It's 1 click & customer pay 5% extra fee. It's possible to make it even lower or have tiers based on how much token bought.

Token Burns

It's costly to develop & maintain these stuff. It's only fair devs take a cut for this service. But we can make it better by sending part of 5% fee to buy & burn Starbits from market. I'm going to be little biased to say Starpro is already expensive enough. Devs can adjust based on market conditions ;)

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No opinion/I don't play Rising Star (28.57%) 2 / 7
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Nope - Too much work for devs (14.29%) 1 / 7
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