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Splinterlands: 5 Mana Legendary Summoner vs 7 Mana Legendary Summoner

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2 most deadly summoners I've come across in the Splinterlands game have been Archmage Arius & Yodin Zaku. You can check out the character lore in the official documents.

Archmage Arius

Jagged cloak and heavy boot, Silver hair with crimson root, Bold as the most savage brute, With power no one can dispute...

Yodin Zaku

Imprisoned for two thousand years of dark, Awaiting the ignition of a spark. What sorcery confined, now fate released: A vengeance-stricken, fire-laden beast Who now will rock the Splinters to the core. Yodin Zaku will teach us how to war.

Don't think of individual summoners. Which group (5 Mana vs 7 Mana) has the more formidable power for any rule set?

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