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Splinterlands Beta Packs SOLD OUT!!! What's your next move?

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Te last bit got sold off super fast. We'll have to wait for the next batch of 1.5 million Untamed packs. There will be a Kickstarter campaign involved There will be an airdrop for each 100K packs sold * Buying packs on the markets doesn't get you into the airdrop

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I'll wait for the Untamed Packs (30.77%) 4 / 13
30.77% Complete (success)
I'm buying individual cards off the market (30.77%) 4 / 13
30.77% Complete (success)
I don't invest in Card Packs - Reward Cards FTW! (15.38%) 2 / 13
15.38% Complete (success)
I don't play Splinterlands/STEEM Monsters (15.38%) 2 / 13
15.38% Complete (success)
I'm gonna buy some packs on (7.69%) 1 / 13
7.69% Complete (success)

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