Splinterlands: Did You Get "Hero of Beyond" Final NFT Airdrop?

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A series of 14 airdrops have finally come to an end. It was a wild ride. I made a very smart choice by buying as much as possible early on. Between last few airdrops I didn't buy any Untamed Booster Packs. Last few airdrops were all returns from the wise purchases of past.

Same stuff happened with Land Expansion presale and getting those Totems and everything. Chaos Legion is coming next. The last few 100K packs went off super fast. We're going to need some massive supply to make sure dev team don't run out of card ideas. We'll see millions join the game in next few years.

Final NFT Airdrop From Untamed Edition

Prices in Market

I don't pay much attention to these numbers yet. We're still early in the game. We're just reaching 10K DAU limit. There's more to go.


Look Around & See NFT Craze

It's like the ICO craze from before the bear market. We've been having our own NFT for years. I feel people are just waking upto NFT. It means next time market goes crazy......... games could be the thing they'd be going after.

Think about that. If you're not interested in crypto or finance - that's fine. There's better things in life. But if you want to keep investing in this sector Splinterlands is not something you should ever underestimate!!!

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I didn't get any airdrop (wasn't eligible) (50.0%) 4 / 8
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I got multiple Hero of Beyond airdropped (Regular Foil) (25.0%) 2 / 8
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I don't play Splinterlands (25.0%) 2 / 8
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