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Trading on STEEM/HIVE Engine vs LEO DEX

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I've been a huge fan of what STEEM/HIVE side-chains have been able to pull off. Mainly there are 2 ways to become a trader on the side-chains. You could use the official steem-engine.com & hive-engine.com or use the interfeces provided by LEO which are http://dex.leofinance.io & http://dex.steemleo.com

Which one works best in your opinion? This is about trading. So only consider your experience in trading :)

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LEO DEX (30.0%) 3 / 10
30.0% Complete (success)
I don't trade much on either platform (30.0%) 3 / 10
30.0% Complete (success)
STEEM/HIVE Engine (20.0%) 2 / 10
20.0% Complete (success)
I've only traded on STEEM/HIVE Engine (20.0%) 2 / 10
20.0% Complete (success)

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