Where Do You Complete Your Rising Star Missions?

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It's so damn hard to graduate into new area in the game. I've been doing County Tour for a long time. I'm not even halfway there to go on a Country Tour! No I didn't misspell anything - there's 1 letter difference in the words. Some of you might have missed that in the 1st read.

Level Up Grind

What's going to cause the grid is lack of XP. If you can find some NFTs that get you more XP per mission - give that a very good look. If you've got any tips or XP cards at good prices let me know :)

New players should keep these things in mind. Remember that you're gonna need some "Can Of Petrol" for many Missions. Keep 10 of these around. Take it slow and grab them slowly while you earn Starbits.

Improvement Request

I've made a good ROI from Starbits in Record Staking. But I have no idea how much I've staked. It's a pain to manually keep track of these. Can the devs add a quick stat to show how much I've staked!

Dashboards can wait. There's more important stuff build. But small quality of life improvements can go a long way to make a better experience.This is extra true for new kids on the block. 2021 could be the year with higher onboarding stats for Hive :)


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Local Gig Circuit (36.36%) 4 / 11
36.36% Complete (success)
Home Town (18.18%) 2 / 11
18.18% Complete (success)
County Tour (18.18%) 2 / 11
18.18% Complete (success)
I don't play Rising Star (18.18%) 2 / 11
18.18% Complete (success)
Country Tour (9.09%) 1 / 11
9.09% Complete (success)

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