Which Default Interface For LeoFinance Will You Pick?

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Microblogging vs Long Form - That's the question we must all answer!

There's pros & cons for both. You can choose between fast updates vs long detailed explanations. Both can help. It'll be an easy step to switch to other. There's not #ProjectBlank anymore! It's all leofinance.io now. All value is getting to LEO token.

Default Settings Are Super Important

Customization is very important to make sure every user gets the best experience. https://leofinance.io/@username/settings has all your defaults. This is not just leofinance.io Pretty much all front ends have this. Even front ends like https://www.splintertalk.io have their own settings.

Add @username/settings to any front end webstie. You'll see the options. Some have more options than others.

Here's PeakD

This has to be the most customization settings I've seen. No wonder It's the most popular front end. @@dalz had some nice stats to show.

Here's D.Buzz

Folow @dbuzz They're the 1st to bring microblogging to Hive. Using it is waaay better than anything on Twitter (except polls).

  • Multiple images in 1 Buzz
  • Multiple videos in 1 Buzz
  • Markdown
  • 2 Dark modes

That's just a few nice things you get. I believe in good competition and innovation. That's how DeFi is killing TradFi. After FTX fall - CEX users are taking self-custody seriously. It's not some regulation. People select better products!

Best Thing Is Ad Revenue

Normies coming to leofinance.io will be seeing microblogging. More users using Threads is easily going to send page view counts 🚀🌙

More page views = More ad impressions More ads = More LEO bought from market

LEO that is bought is powered up to accounts that already own LEO Power. This is a really good cycle for revenue & tokenomics.

LEO Has Little Volume

It doesn't take a lot of buying power to move the price. Keep it mind when you're investing.

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I'll keep microblogging (85.71%) 6 / 7
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I'll switch to long form (14.29%) 1 / 7
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