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Will you remind yourself to do 3 good deeds every day?

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This has been an idea I've been having.I 1st heard about Kaizen at school. It's a super simple & super powerful concept. Take your base level a something. 0.1% of it is probably nothing for your. It's 1/1000th. But if you keep improving that much you'll be 36.5% better in an year. What if you impoved 1% each day........

>By improving standardized programmes and processes, kaizen aims to eliminate waste (lean manufacturing). Kaizen was first practiced in Japanese businesses after World War II, influenced in part by American business and quality-management teachers, and most notably as part of The Toyota Way. It has since spread throughout the world and has been applied to environments outside business and productivity.[4] Source: Wikipedia

It's Not Just Productivity

Life is more than crypto, real estate, education, fun etc. It's a vast experience that seem infinite. I like to practice doing something good in some part of life. It could be self-help or helping others. It could be making some crypto. It could be caring for some animals.

If all of us continuously practice doing 3 genuinely good things everyday we can manage to have real impact

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