Will You Support Polycub Improvement Proposal To Make Emission Halving Time Longer?

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1st read this. It'll explain why I think we're too early to fix emissions at 0.0625 pCUB/Block. Docs make a very good argument in support of fixing emissions. But that's only 1 side of story.

@onealfa.leo got me into thinking of a way better alternative than fixing emissions to 985.5K pCUB/Year.

Both Sides Get What They Like

Current problem is getting enough TVL. CUB is doing better at this. Idea is to not cut down emissions that will reduce APR. We can still have the cake and eat it too. When mission is fixed to 985.5K pCUB/Year. Inflation stats at 13.73% and go down slowly over years. After 1 year inflation will be 12%

What About This Promise?

  • If we slow halving schedule we stick with this promise
  • There will be enough APR till next bull market
  • Max supply won't become 361% of current maximum

Yeah... 3.6X bigger supply of tokens don't mean the best news for long term. If we don't have enough TVL - we might not have much of a long term. PIP 4 can be - 90 Day - 180 Day - 365 Day - No Change

This won't change tokenomics much. Old promises stay mostly intact. I'm just building on top of @onealfa.leo I should have thought of this before. We all should have thought of this before!

It's really the best options we have. 7.2M supply instead of 26M. APR gets to be OK till next bull run. What do you think?

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Slow down halving schedule (90.0%) 9 / 10
90.0% Complete (success)
Fix emission at 0.0625 pCUB/Block (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)

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