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Would you like open world games with less missions and more exploration and spontaneous events?

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I'm not that into most open world games and not into Rockstar games like GTA where you just have so many stuff to do at every corner. They feel like skinner boxes and bunch of gameplay tricks making you stay engaged. It feels like the game is directing my path not in some grand story but just more filler. ThenI com across this:

Artificial Loneliness - Jacob Geller

Now that's some amazing content that I'd love to experience. It won't make a full game with massive scope. But it'd be a cool experience. It's like a happy middle between being gameplay heavy and being a walking simulator. Heck we can cal them experience simulator.

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Yes I'd love these spontaneous explorations more (71.43%) 5 / 7
71.43% Complete (success)
I'm not into either of these types of games (28.57%) 2 / 7
28.57% Complete (success)

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