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What should the Hive Power Down schedule be?

This is an ongoing discussion, and I think the best way to have it is through on chain consensus mechanisms, dPOLL, that enable us to practice what @Dan Larimer refers to as "True Democracy" in his book More Equal Animals.

> "True democracy implements a process that harnesses the wisdom of the crowd and systematically protects against the need for global knowledge to make sound independent decisions." Page 26

This poll is not to decide what the witnesses do, but simply to have the discussion and gauge what users feel would be best regarding the powerdown schedule. Currently, Hive that is vested or staked takes 13 weeks to fully power down.

Some users have voiced opinons that they would prefer it was shortened, although personally I like the 13 week schedule. I feel much more confident knowing that the value of Hive is somewhat stable over 3 months. Users can power up and power down, and hopefully it averages to equal out over time, providing more confidence in the coin value.

Remember what it says in the white paper, > "There is significant value to having long-term commitment, because it enables communities to make long term plans. Long-term commitment of stakeholders also causes them to vote for long-term growth rather than short-term pumps. In the cryptocurrency space, speculators jump from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency based mostly on which one is expected to have short-term growth."

There are other arguments I have heard, and I would very much appreciate if you would vote on this dPOLL and provide a 3-5 sentence response explaining your view and reasoning. I hope that we can continue to discuss this to find the best solution possible.

Furthermore I am tagging witnesses I vote for, and other users I know to make sure this post gets out. I am tagging the LeoFinance community and Neoxag and CTP also because this is a discussion for everyone to participate in. I will be discussing the results of this dPoll on @hivecoffee next week.

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Please reblog and tag anyone else you know on Hive in the comments

> "A true democracy should facilitate people working together and building trust." - Dan Larimer

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4 Weeks - Be Like Steem (41.18%) 7 / 17
41.18% Complete (success)
13 Weeks - No Change (29.41%) 5 / 17
29.41% Complete (success)
7 Day Power Down - Cash Out Fast (11.76%) 2 / 17
11.76% Complete (success)
Create New Incentives For Long-Term Staking (11.76%) 2 / 17
11.76% Complete (success)
Other - Please Explain (5.88%) 1 / 17
5.88% Complete (success)

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