Bitcoin breaks 43k on August 6 2021 - VOTE!

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The race is on.


Will you buy more BTC before it hits 86,000?

The last dPoll results users voted that BTC was going to 40k and they were right!


In the past hour ICP Internet Computer is up 29% to 53.29 USD


The past month looks like the biggest gains have been OKB & Terra


Bitcoin is still up +27% this month

followed closely by Ethereum +25%


Bitcoin remains around 44.79% of all crypto, Ethereum market cap rose briefly to 19% but is down to 18.81% now. Tether holding 3.46% and BNB 2.95% just slightly less. ADA is 2.52% while XRP is just 1.94% of capitalization. USDC is 1.53%, and Dogecoin hodling 1.51% is at 482 satoshis. BCH isn't even the top 20 of market cap anymore, instead you can see Theta is hanging out there with ETC.


Will BTC go Higher or Lower? Vote now!

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HIGHER $50,000 (90.0%) 9 / 10
90.0% Complete (success)
MUCH HIGHER $60,000 (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)

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