ETH predictions for 2022

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I am seriously thinking about getting some more ETH just to hodl. With the burn on, and Ethereum already being a bonfire to use, I am seeing more and more individuals predicting huge gains.

Here are some posts about Ethereum that you can consider.

1 Raoul Pal on BTC vs ETH

2 Another look at the ETH burn

3 Is there an AI inside BTC? (It's ETH)

4 A closer look at top AI coins

I figured I would ask Hivvers, what do you think ETH will hit in 2022? I remmber when ETH hit $100 in 2020 and I asked my friends, what if ETH keeps rising?

Well it did, and now we are on the verge of a financial revolution as Ethereum prepares to move to Proof Of Stake, BTC/ETH combo ETFs launch and banks seek to add DeFi to save their negative bank loan yeilds.

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