I love Silver! Which way will the price go next?

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Tomorrow I might buy some Silver. There is a lot of talk about Silver this weekend but I have been big on Silver for a long time. It's cheap right now, I always figured it would have gone higher but for some reason it crashed back down to $15 in 2016 and 2019.


Over the last decade it has been available and affordable to buy silver, even as Gold soars to new heights. The next chart here below is a snapshot of the market opening, and you can see it was up over a dollar briefly. I hope that you are paying attention, and I will be also.

Time: 6:12pm MST 310121


Next observe the larger cycle here going back to 2002. I wish I knew more about Silver when I was in high school and could pick it up for $5 a coin! That would have been fantastic.


Where do you think the silver price will go next?

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