Which way will HIVE go next?

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Right now BTC is 29,656.02 and HIVE is 0.472 USD, HBD is 0.945 USD.

Will the price of HIVE be Higher or Lower on June 17 2022?

image.png https://messari.io/asset/hive


How much does HIVE cost today?

According to CoinGecko, 1000 HIVE is 474.879 USD

onehundredcanadian.png 100 CAD = 164.341 HIVE on 26/05/22.

In 22 days will HIVE be worth more than 0.47 USD or less?

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LOWER than 0.47 USD (70.0%) 7 / 10
70.0% Complete (success)
HIGHER than 0.47 USD (30.0%) 3 / 10
30.0% Complete (success)

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