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Choose the prize #22

Asked by darthgexe Promote - View in Steemit - Audit

Ohh yeah! We're back.

Welcome to a new edition of this contest in @dpoll, I want to thank all those who have participated previously and have given me their support.

Choose the prize is a contest in which to participate you only have to answer in the survey which prize you prefer to win, you can choose between the different tokens of the @steem-engine platform, @steemmonsters cards, SNAX tokens, etc.. The prize you receive is your choice.

I have conjured the mantra of @contestkings: ?? no upvote, no follow, no resteem, and you just have to choose your prize to enter the draw, so you have no excuse not to participate.


The rules

  • Choose the prize you want to win in this dpoll.
  • You have 2 days to participate after this post has been published.
  • The winner will be selected using Steem Random Draw.

Upvote or resteem are not necessary to participate in this giveaway but any support you can give to this publication will be appreciated, that way I can give away better prizes in future contests.


If you want to see another kind of prize listed in this contest please make a suggestion in your commentary.


Thank you all for participating and good luck!

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0.3 PAL (52.38%) 22 / 42
52.38% Complete (success)
5 NEOXAG (16.67%) 7 / 42
16.67% Complete (success)
3 GG (9.52%) 4 / 42
9.52% Complete (success)
2.5 CCC (7.14%) 3 / 42
7.14% Complete (success)
30 DEC (4.76%) 2 / 42
4.76% Complete (success)
20 SPT (4.76%) 2 / 42
4.76% Complete (success)
10 BATTLE (4.76%) 2 / 42
4.76% Complete (success)

Available Filters

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Minimum SP
Minimum account age (Days)
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Result layout Community