Did you ever pay something no-crypto with cryptos?

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Foes or critics of cryptocurrencies often are alleging cryptos don’t have any internal (intrinsic) value. You can’t eat them, you can’t store value with them etc. Some are also claiming you can’t even use them as a payment instrument, which was the original purpose. I don’t think so, I use them sometimes.

But did you ever pay something with cryptos in the “old world”? I mean, something that has nothing to do with cryptos. Maybe a coffee, a beer, a smartphone, a book, a cab (taxi)… Including digital, but no-crypto offerings, like a VPN or a VoIP-phone-service, cloud storage, software or gambling. But excluding games existing only on blockchains like Steem Monsters or Crypto Kitties. If you did it, I would be very pleased if you leave a comment which kind of product or service it was.

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Beer for crypto? Where? (I didn’t do that yet but I’d like to try.) (25.0%) 2 / 8
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