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Do you still read books?

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Books are one of the most important inventions of humanity. A book can contain the experiences, knowledge, wisdom of a whole life – and you can learn all this in some hours or days. If you choose your book accordingly, if you know how to use this immense quantity of knowledge, you can advance much faster in your life. Or in your profession, hobby.

Of course, articles, blog posts are also useful, educative, instructive, but often short and superficial, sometimes containing errors or mistakes. If you want to dig deeper into an important theme, you should read dozens or hundreds of blog posts – or simply read the right book.

“Poor people have big TV's. Rich people have big libraries.” (Jim Rohn in (I think it is not important anymore if you read e-books or paper ones.) (Photo:

Do you still read books?

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Yes, often (5+ in a year) (52.63%) 10 / 19
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Only occasionally (1-5 in a year) (36.84%) 7 / 19
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No, never (less than 1 per year) (10.53%) 2 / 19
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