Do You Take Vacations?

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Woman Beach

We have a hot summer here in Europe, and on the Northern hemisphere began the vacation season. Part of the “American dream”, but I think also part of the “European dream” is the possibility to make vacations at least 1-3 weeks a year. Travel to some other place, beaches or mountains, other cities or villages, or at least to your own summer house, if you have any.

But there are also other people who are taking holidays – to stay home, to renovate their apartment, work in the garden or earn money in a second job.

Do you take vacations? And if not, why? (I hope the nude woman on the picture is not disturbing… :) Photo:

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My life is an eternal vacation… (24.14%) 7 / 29
24.14% Complete (success)
Yes, I usually make my vacations in summer. (20.69%) 6 / 29
20.69% Complete (success)
I take holidays but I stay at home. (20.69%) 6 / 29
20.69% Complete (success)
I take my holidays to blog more. (13.79%) 4 / 29
13.79% Complete (success)
No, I can’t pay vacations. (13.79%) 4 / 29
13.79% Complete (success)
I take holidays to renovate my home or work in the garden. (3.45%) 1 / 29
3.45% Complete (success)
No, I don’t like vacations. (3.45%) 1 / 29
3.45% Complete (success)

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