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Does it have sense to make a poll if the answer can be “googled” easily?

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Some polls are asking your opinion, or details of your life, personal habits or feelings. Other poll makers want to know if you know something, how informed, wise or sophisticated you are. They are making you a small exam like in the school.

But the latter type of question often can be easily “googled” or “duckduckgoed” to receive the question. (Word invented by me referring to my preferred privacy search engine, DuckDuckGo.) Some users are searching, some not, basically they are lazy. But the real result can be altered with this search services. Does this type of question have sense?

(Picture: Google screenshot)

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Better ask questions about opinions and not information. You are making a poll and not an exam (73.33%) 11 / 15
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Yes (13.33%) 2 / 15
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No (13.33%) 2 / 15
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