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Who Should Pay For The News?

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In Steem system content creators are paid, with cryptocurrencies, unlike Facebook and the other social media sites. But how about the professional news sites, portals? Who should pay the news, analysis, other content? (Photo:

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News should be free but journalists should be paid from other sources (government, non-government organizations). (18.18%) 6 / 33
18.18% Complete (success)
All fake news, close them all! (18.18%) 6 / 33
18.18% Complete (success)
The readers should pay for the quality news. (15.15%) 5 / 33
15.15% Complete (success)
Articles should be free for readers, the sites must live from ads (advertisements). (12.12%) 4 / 33
12.12% Complete (success)
Pay the news sites from cryptocurrency-inflation. (12.12%) 4 / 33
12.12% Complete (success)
Sites (with ads) should pay to the visitors for reading. (9.09%) 3 / 33
9.09% Complete (success)
News should be paid from voluntary donations only. (9.09%) 3 / 33
9.09% Complete (success)
Other (please, comment) (6.06%) 2 / 33
6.06% Complete (success)

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