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Why Do People Sunbathe At Noon?

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For many years, scientists have said that UV-radiation is too strong in the sun of midday, which poses serious health risks. The risk of skin cancer is greatly increased. This disease only occurs delayed, years later.

Even so, when I go to a beach, a swimming pool, I see that between 12.00 and 15.00 p. m. it is as full as ever. Children and adults sunburn themselves as if they were not exposed to UV radiation. I wonder why? (Photo: Pixabay)

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They used suncream and it is written on it that it is also good against UV radiation. (16.22%) 6 / 37
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This is the time when it is best to tan. (13.51%) 5 / 37
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I don't know, but let’s create 100,000,000,000 SUNBATH token on Steem-Engine. (13.51%) 5 / 37
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Trump said no climate change. (10.81%) 4 / 37
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They’re stupid. (10.81%) 4 / 37
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Other (10.81%) 4 / 37
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They were sunbathing before, yet they were not cancerous. (8.11%) 3 / 37
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Cancer always happens to others. (8.11%) 3 / 37
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They don’t watch TV, they don’t hear the news. (5.41%) 2 / 37
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Only do it, less population, less polluted Earth. (2.7%) 1 / 37
2.7% Complete (success)

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