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Would You Sell Your Downvote Power For Profit?

Asked by deathcross Promote - View in Steemit - Audit

red flag As you may know, with the hard fork 21, a downvote pool is planned. Downvoting will no longer consume normal Voting Power, at least to a certain level (10-15 percent).

Let’s suppose, you are a big fish and have a downvote pool 1 USD worth every day. Would you sell your downvoting power (or downvotes, flags) for profit? (Similarly, as many people do now with their upvoting power.) (Photo:

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No (55.56%) 10 / 18
55.56% Complete (success)
Maybe to some reliable, non-abusive, honest organization, some sort of Steem cleaners or guardians (38.89%) 7 / 18
38.89% Complete (success)
Yes (5.56%) 1 / 18
5.56% Complete (success)

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