Should Hive pay for listings of HBD using Hive Proposal System?

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One of the limitations of HBD is that it is highly illiquid. It is on only two cryptocurrency exchanges, paired only against BTC, and 90% of the volume is on UpBit.

As a result, whales on UpBit can easily force the price to change radically, breaking the peg at least temporarily. The stabilizer can eventually fix the peg, and profit doing so, but it would be preferable to be so liquid that the peg doesn't break in the first place.

It is likely that being on more exchanges, especially large trusted exchanges would increase HBD's liquidity and thus its resistance to manipulation. That would be particularly true if it has trading pairs with USD.

In light of that, should we use the HPS in order to push and/or pay for listings of HBD?

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