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What do you believe in: Destiny, Free Will or a Mix of Both?

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Destiny or Free Will

Some people believe that everything in our life is predetermined and that we are only playing out our life in accordance to a predetermined script, details of which we do not know.

There are others who believe that we have complete freedom to chart our lives as we deem fit and fate or destiny plays no part in it.

Yet there are others who believe that destiny and free will coexist because part of our life like the family we are born into, the place of our birth and our gender are destined but for the other aspects of lives we are at complete liberty to do as we please.

Pick your choice:

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Mix of Destiny and Free Will (61.54%) 8 / 13
61.54% Complete (success)
Free Will (23.08%) 3 / 13
23.08% Complete (success)
Destiny (15.38%) 2 / 13
15.38% Complete (success)

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