[Contest] UFC 244 Predictions: Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal

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This coming Saturday's UFC 244 will a memorable night of clinching, rear-naked chokes and vicious ground 'n pound that you will not want to miss.

What are your predictions for the outcome of the main event: Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal?

There are 12 outcomes to choose from, which include prizes (detailed below).


Basic - Pick the Right Option [2 - 7 SPORTS]

There is higher risk / greater yield if you go with options 3-12, i.e. if Nate Diaz wins by knockout, but you chose option #3 - "Nate Diaz - Submission", then you won't be eligible for SPORTS tokens. 2 SPORTS tokens if you pick the general winner [options 1-2] 5 SPORTS tokens if you pick winner + method of victory [options 3-8] 7 SPORTS tokens if correctly predict cancellation + reason [options 9-12]

Advanced - Round / Method [7 - 40 SPORTS]

This involves using the "Additional thoughts (Optional)" feature when you submit your response. I will only look at comments for those who chose the general winner (i.e. if you were to pick option #3 - Nate Diaz wins by submission and specify that we wins by a "triangle choke" submission -- when the actual outcome is Masvidal submitting Diaz via "triangle choke" -- then I will not consider you eligible for the following bonus tokens).

Call the Final Round [Additional 5 SPORTS]

  • Additional 5 SPORTS tokens if you call the final round [options 1-6]
  • Going the distance doesn't count; i.e. you won't be eligible for this bonus if you go with options 7 or 8 below

Detailed Victory Method [Additional 10 - 30 SPORTS]

For those who correctly choose one of options 3-6 below, I will award additional SPORTS tokens if you can detail in "additional thoughts" the type of grappling or striking method used KO/TKO/Stoppage Move [options 5-6] = ADDITIONAL 10 SPORTS * Specify whether it will be via strike, kick, flying knee, elbow, ground/pound, etc. Submission Move [options 3-4] = ADDITIONAL 30 SPORTS * Specify the grappling/Judo/BJJ/wrestling move, i.e. rear-naked choke, triangle choke, kimura, armbar, guillotine, etc.

Additional Rules

  • The only outcome that will not get you additional SPORTS tokens is disqualification.
  • I will start tallying up winners/awardees after the official decision Saturday PM / Sunday AM -- anyone who tries to vote correctly after-the-fact should not expect awards.

Best of luck and enjoy the fight!

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(1) Nate Diaz - General [no specified method] (66.67%) 8 / 12
66.67% Complete (success)
(3) Nate Diaz - Submission (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)
(5) Nate Diaz - KO / TKO / Stoppage (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)
(6) Jorge Masvidal - KO / TKO / Stoppage (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)
(7) Nate Diaz - Decision (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)

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