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To SBD or not to SBD. That is the question - Steem Hamlet

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Last week @liberosist made the following post:

(Very) Basic stuff Steem needs to fix: my personal list

First on his list was his request to get rid of SBD.

Arguments in favour of SBD mainly come down to the believe that a stable coin would find wider acceptance because it mitigates the stomach churning volatility of crypto.

Counter arguments are that SBD is not even close to 1$ for extended periods of time and it increases the Steem inflation when the ratio gets out of line.

What is your opinion about SBD overall?

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SBD adds value to Steem - keep it (40.0%) 6 / 15
40.0% Complete (success)
SBD detracts from Steem - get rid of it (33.33%) 5 / 15
33.33% Complete (success)
Undecided (26.67%) 4 / 15
26.67% Complete (success)

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