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DogGoneGreat Giveaway! Moolah or Monsters! Sat/10th

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DogGoneGreat Giveaway! Moolah or Monsters! Fri/9th

If you're looking to build up your Splinterlands army this is the perfect place to stop! Choose what you need each day in my DogGoneGreat Giveaway!

This is a @Contestkings Giveaway! No Upvotes, Resteem, Follows Required. I appreciate everyone who checks out my content!

There will be a giveaway each day of the week unless I'm too busy with my work or family. If that happens I'll make it up to you on the next one by doubling the prize! Each giveaway will run for 7 days.

SteemMonsters.gif Artwork by @Clove71 - Check her channel for the best Splinterlands Info!

Daily Giveaway Links

DogGod's Freebie Masterlist - July

How to Win!

  • Choose your Daily Prize in the Dpoll Below!

  • Please Tag someone who might be interested in this giveaway.

  • I will randomly pick a comment and select winner.

  • Upvotes/Resteems are NOT required for participation but very appreciated!

  • 25+ Reputation. Post SM/SPT name if it is different!

  • Winners will be chosen via the Steem Comment Picker.

Today's Winner! @jeffjagoe

A Special Thanks to

@akdx @adal111 @akomoajong @bastter @brancarosamel @bxlphabet @che-shyr @chekohler @chireerocks @cst90 @d-zero @darthgexe @deathcross @dosh @drotto @erica005 @earnlogy @fitinfunfood @forever-crypto @gatolector @globetrottergcc @hatoto @jeffjagoe @loler555 @oadissin @ultima-alianza @rael5 @rehan12 @literalypotato @outlinez @mango-juice @marianaemilia @maxer27 @n1hal @pedrocanella @publicumaurora @philippekiene   @russia-btc @steemcameroon @suntree @stever82 @syalla @vimukthi @vxc @wakeupkitty @wonderwop @xplosive @yonilkar @woodalex232

for entering my daily giveaways!


Good Luck Today!

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