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[Steemmonsters] Choose a dragon and win a legendary card

Asked by emrebeyler Promote - View in Steemit - Audit

I will giveaway one legendary Steem monsters card.


Monster Image Value
Gold Dragon golddragon 3.6 USD
Chromatic Dragon golddragon 2.48 USD
Lightning Dragon golddragon 2.45 USD


  • Choose the monster you want to get and cast your vote on dPoll interface. (link to dpoll interface.)

  • Your account's reputation must be at least 40.

Winner deciding process

Step1: After the post paids out (1 week), I will see which dragon wins the poll.

Step2: I will select a winner randomly from the voters of the winner choice. I will post a python script (and a recording of it) after the giveaway.

Participation bonus

  • If you have voted for my witness, you will get a double chance (x2) with your participation.

Let's get back to the question,

Which dragon do you need most? :)

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Gold Dragon (84.09%) 74 / 88
84.09% Complete (success)
Lightning Dragon (9.09%) 8 / 88
9.09% Complete (success)
Chromatic Dragon (6.82%) 6 / 88
6.82% Complete (success)

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