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What should be next focus on dPoll development?

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Result filters

Result filters will allow people to filter results by:

  • voter steem power
  • voter reputation

dPoll utilizes account based voting contrary to DPOS. Therefore, in order to eliminate multiple account abuse, this optional filters may help.


With this feature, users would be able to create communities and define their members.

Polls created with communities feature will only allow community members to vote, or it can be a filter option in result filters explained above.

I am thinking @dolphincouncil will be a great pilot project for that.

Stake based results

Some use cases requires stake based results in practice. Instead of forcing an account based voting in results, we can keep ABV at default and add an option in the poll results to get a stake based results page.

Achivements and Badges

This is also on the todo list for a while. The idea is implementing a simple gamification module where dPollers earns badges and achivements based on the actions they made in the platform.

Improving mobile experience

Mobile experience on dPoll is not best, at the moment. A sprint can be done to fix that situation.

Thread view in poll results

Even though we register additional comments on poll voting, we don't show it in the poll results page, yet. The idea is implementing a comment thread under the poll results.


All of these ideas will be eventually ported into the platform. What we're asking here what should be the top priority for the next step.

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Improving mobile experience (35.9%) 14 / 39
35.9% Complete (success)
Communities (17.95%) 7 / 39
17.95% Complete (success)
Stake based results (17.95%) 7 / 39
17.95% Complete (success)
Thread view in poll results (17.95%) 7 / 39
17.95% Complete (success)
Achivements and Badges (7.69%) 3 / 39
7.69% Complete (success)
Result filters (2.56%) 1 / 39
2.56% Complete (success)

Available Filters

Minimum Reputation
Minimum SP
Minimum account age (Days)
Minimum post count
Result layout Community