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Would you continue running a witness node even though it is not profitable?

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With the prices decline, I have seen this kind of calculations from witnesses. Some of them drop running a witness node, some of them posting simple math about when they could think about abandoning running a node.

As a citizen of this blockchain, I expect witnesses to produce blocks even with a net loss on their pocket. From an objective standpoint, this might sound weird. However, I see STEEM as a disruptive experiment and a useful, functional open source project, and I believe it will be a successful project in the long run. It might fail, it may shape into a weird thing, but this is my belief at the current state.

On open source/free software culture, you support the growth, project without expecting anything, voluntarily. And I expect the same thing from the witnesses, like they are open-source contributors and they contribute to an open-source project.

I know, we still have financial difficulties as a reality. So the question has a condition, think about you run a witness and you have financial power to support the network even if you run the node with a net loss.

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