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Do you prefer Steemit's stake to stay neutral?

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Steemit Inc. delegates 18.5m SP to some dApps and communities. Considering the delegatees spend their votes daily, this is a huge ninja-mined stake influencing the reward pool.

Let's do some quick math and calculate what 18.5m means:

Total vesting shares Steemit's delegated vesting shares
412466507537 37145498659

It turns out 9% of the reward pool influence is delegated by @misterdelegation to other accounts.

As a stakeholder, your influence in the reward pool is getting a direct hit. If this ninja-mined stake would stay neutral, you would be getting more influence in the STEEM network and your vote would be more valuable.

On the other hand, your vote's worth is directly related to the market price and this price may get positive effects from the development of STEEM dApps and communities.

I am not implying that it's good or bad. I personally have mixed feelings about this practice and am curious as to what kind of ecosystem we see if these delegations were gone.

The question is:

Do you prefer Steemit's stake to stay neutral?

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