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What other non-blockchain social media do you use?

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It would be unrealistic to assume everyone on Steem does not use other social media. No matter your stance, there are certain appeals to use existing mainstream options. After all, part of marketing involves being part of the noisy sea of communications.

I am not looking for reasons on why anyone still uses Facebook, etc. That would be a post all by itself. In fact, there are legitimate reasons to use them for informational purposes.

Sometimes, the rewards may not be enough incentive to bring people into Steem's space. Especially, when the ecosystem feels incomplete and lack the vision of future directions. I am sure some of that will change with time and dedication from the community.

Keeping that in mind, what are some of the other social media in which you are active? I am looking for non-blockchain based platforms.

The poll will be open for 30 days and you may choose as many choices as you desire.

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Twitter (28.89%) 13 / 45
28.89% Complete (success)
Facebook (26.67%) 12 / 45
26.67% Complete (success)
Instagram (15.56%) 7 / 45
15.56% Complete (success)
Others (please specify) (8.89%) 4 / 45
8.89% Complete (success)
Pintrest (6.67%) 3 / 45
6.67% Complete (success)
Steam (Valve) (6.67%) 3 / 45
6.67% Complete (success)
Reddit (4.44%) 2 / 45
4.44% Complete (success)
VK (2.22%) 1 / 45
2.22% Complete (success)

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