Are wars fought to save humanity?

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Hi friends!

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We humans are basically a very aggressive, quarrelsome and war loving animal species. We fought with other animals and conquered them. We even fight with each-other to establish our hegemony over others.

Do you still think that wars are fought to save humanity?

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Wars are fought to increase the profits of politicians, rulers, corporate and people getting benefit from it. (40.62%) 13 / 32
40.62% Complete (success)
We want a society free of evils of wars and crimes. (18.75%) 6 / 32
18.75% Complete (success)
Wars are meant to subdue other human beings and should be stopped. (15.62%) 5 / 32
15.62% Complete (success)
Wars are the most inhuman thing. (9.38%) 3 / 32
9.38% Complete (success)
In some occasion it may be true. (6.25%) 2 / 32
6.25% Complete (success)
War is a necessary vice that has helped us to develop many technologies. (6.25%) 2 / 32
6.25% Complete (success)
Other. (3.12%) 1 / 32
3.12% Complete (success)

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