Are you a big supporter of any politician?

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Hi friends!

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We know politicians tell lies and spread fake propaganda. However, many people still like them and some people are ardent supporters of them. They argue to defend their favorite politician's every action. Let's see how many supporters of the politicians are here on Steem.

Are you a big supporter of any politician?

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I don't like them at all. (30.77%) 8 / 26
30.77% Complete (success)
Politics is a profession of cut throat competition. That is the reason of taking unfair means by them. (15.38%) 4 / 26
15.38% Complete (success)
Politicians are not so bad as we think them. They are humans like us. (11.54%) 3 / 26
11.54% Complete (success)
Politicians are not alien. If they are bad, it is the fault of the society from where they come. (11.54%) 3 / 26
11.54% Complete (success)
I am in favor of a world where nobody is the boss. (11.54%) 3 / 26
11.54% Complete (success)
We have no choice but to support a less evil politician over a completely bad one. (11.54%) 3 / 26
11.54% Complete (success)
I support only justifiable action of my favorite politician. (3.85%) 1 / 26
3.85% Complete (success)
Anything else? (3.85%) 1 / 26
3.85% Complete (success)

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