Poll: Are you happy with your steemmonsters rewards? SBI share + Scary Glitch of HOPE!

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Collecting steemmonsters rewards. Feels good. Wait, why aren't they showing up...

Rewards!... Rewards?...

It is the day for this so-beloved bimonthly screen of rewards. It is a good day. 9 rewards cards for the first time instead of the usual 5 or 7 I was getting is quite a step up for someone who's so late to the party like me. Here they come! Claim rewards...

Wait, the pop up didn't go away... It's not showing my reward cards, just an error. I know I'll get them, but how will I tell old from new apart now? I'll still be able to do it because my collection is small anyway, but still. I wanted to make a post about this. Damn.

The miracle of F5

Refreshing the page did the trick! Yay! Now I can see what I got.


Guess what guys, I got TWO RARES AND A GOLD CARD yaaay!!!! This is so exciting. My first gold card! I often see some of the other cards on opponents' teams so this was probably a very good draw for a 9-card reveal. I'm really happy with it! :)

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