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The lore so far

Protagonists are living in a Diablo 2-spin off world where they are not the heroes who defeat Diablo. Instead, they are people who are trying to survival the oncoming apocalyptical onslaught.

Chapter 1, The devil's luck

Reign of Evil, chapter 2 - Easy come, easy go


Ashram would always draw unnecessary attention while walking around the market. The desert was far from his hometown, so his pale skin somehow would nearly glow under the sunlight. He blushed back when Jen had told him it was odd how he did not darken after living in Lut Gholein for so long. She pays attention.

The sun was at it's peak when he got to blacksmith Fara, so she quickly noticed him. Probably because he seemed to shine as bright as her own armor. But her smile quickly faded when the diamonds were brought out. She seemed intrigued, although suspicious. Maybe those gems had found their new owner afterall.

Part time weapon and armor forger, part time paladin of Zakarum, it was no secret that Fara had grown fond of Ashram over time. Had she known he was set up, things could have turned out differently. After alerting the nearby royal guards, Ashram was quickly taken prisoner and thrown into a sewer cell. Confused, he tried to fight, but still ended up in a sewer cell.

The place smelled rotten. More than usual. It was not his first visit to the city's underground, yet somehow it felt even worse. And it was not because he was behind bars. The guards said he would wait until Fara would soon come speak to him about his rotten summonings. He shouted, asking for more explanations. The taller, more muscular cell keeper seemed infuriated. He yelled, "you should be dead already, necromancer! If it was not for Fara..."


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