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dPoll Do you know your BMI?

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Do you know what your BMI Number is today?

Time to find out here:

Go to that site above, enter your height and weight in Standard or Metric and you will know your BMI statistic. This is how the US government categorizes these results:

bmi catergories.PNG

Here is my work around so you can use the BMI numbers to your benefit.

You do not have to use the published scale! Just because the government says 30+ is obese, does not mean it is true. Make your own scale. Here’s how I do the BMI:

  • At some low point – you are severely underweight <<< you have health issues
  • If you are under 18 – you are underweight <<< some very unique people are ok this thin
  • If you are between 18 and 27 – you are normal
  • If you are between 28 and 33 – you are overweight <<< some very unique people are ok this heavy
  • If you are over 33 – you are obese <<< you have health issues
  • If you are over 43 – you are morbidly obese <<< you have severe health issues
  • If you are over 53 – you are super-morbidly obese <<< you have very severe health issues

If you are on the edge of one of the healthy numbers - don’t stress! – just keep your eye on it.

If you are above 35 or 36 – you already know you have a problem. The numbers are the numbers. The weight ranges for BMI are flexible and you should make your own for piece of mind.

Did you check you BMI? Please tell me what you think of the result you got.

I am helping people get healthy with dpoll.

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Please answer my other dPolls, if you have not already. Are you a healthy eater? Do you have any of these eating habits?

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