If you are voting for a HIVE Witness that is stale for more than 1 year... what should you do?

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Checking now and then for witch witnesses your are voting for should be a task of everyone on HIVE. Does not need to be every day, but at least once a month I would say. This ensures the chain gets the maximum protection possible and a healthy way of evolving.

Because a word can't go faster than light, I am calling people to check their brains and learn a bit more... with this poll. With a bit twist of fun, hopefully making it obvious in case it goes sideways.

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Unvote the witness (at least until there is an update from the account in case there is nothing obvious) (23.81%) 5 / 21
23.81% Complete (success)
Power up as much HIVE as possible and vote for all active witnesses bellow that one so it goes above the stale witness (23.81%) 5 / 21
23.81% Complete (success)
Stalk the witness until it responds to why is stale for this long (14.29%) 3 / 21
14.29% Complete (success)
Drink !PIZZA and eat !BEER (14.29%) 3 / 21
14.29% Complete (success)
Run a node myself and ask for votes until I overtake that stale witness (14.29%) 3 / 21
14.29% Complete (success)
Find all its friends on HIVE and ask for more information about the current state (9.52%) 2 / 21
9.52% Complete (success)

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