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Hey STEEM Mom/Dad, how many you have?

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This might be a post of witch I might get a lot "privacy" denials... and if that's you preference I don't blame you...

Respond if you are comfortable or if you can't or don't wish... but if you know someone within your followers that is a mom or father, then I would love for you to either resteem or tag that user... whichever, these are going to be 100% upvoted!

My intentions here are to demographically show steemians who's daddies and mommies are staking their personal life for STEEM =)

Like me!

I will also answer...

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No children... (41.18%) 7 / 17
41.18% Complete (success)
2 amazing ones! (17.65%) 3 / 17
17.65% Complete (success)
1 lovely child... (11.76%) 2 / 17
11.76% Complete (success)
I don't wish to disclose this info... (respect to that) (11.76%) 2 / 17
11.76% Complete (success)
3 crazy lifes (5.88%) 1 / 17
5.88% Complete (success)
4 is the right count, now... (5.88%) 1 / 17
5.88% Complete (success)
5 ... is this going to end? (5.88%) 1 / 17
5.88% Complete (success)

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