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What is harder?

Asked by forykw Promote - View in Steemit - Audit

Simple poll to understand the common base of users that respond to such polls. I intend to use this for research later on, since the tool allows collection of live data in short periods of time.

I am doing for a month to start with, and later on, it will be shorter depending on the purpose.

Multiple answers allowed. Be as you wish... true, liar, fake, etc...

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Be free! (30.39%) 31 / 102
30.39% Complete (success)
Change country of residence (20.59%) 21 / 102
20.59% Complete (success)
Find the love of your life (13.73%) 14 / 102
13.73% Complete (success)
Find the best way to store my private keys! (7.84%) 8 / 102
7.84% Complete (success)
Avoid being identified (7.84%) 8 / 102
7.84% Complete (success)
Compile some C/C++ code on ANY platform (phones, PCs, consoles, etc) (6.86%) 7 / 102
6.86% Complete (success)
Sell crypto without limits (5.88%) 6 / 102
5.88% Complete (success)
Have kids (3.92%) 4 / 102
3.92% Complete (success)
Get married (2.94%) 3 / 102
2.94% Complete (success)

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