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Anyone else playing Golden Farm?

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Anyone else playing Golden Farm?

This is one of your standard pay and earn scheme games. One of the more trust worthy pyramid scheme games, like Drugwars, but with less to do.

Sign up, get a some free birds, wait for your birds to produce eggs, sell the eggs, 70% goes to coins you can buy more birds with and 30% goes to coins you can buy cash out for Bitcoin, Dash, XRP, fiat, etc. or trade in for 120% in coins to buy more birds. After setting up you can get a decent trickle every day. I have been using mine to buy more cryptocurrency to hodl. I ran through the terms and everything is pretty up front. Anyone trying to get rich is a fool, but its way better than a crypto faucet. Simple, yet enjoyable.

I'm trying to find anyone else who plays it. I haven't yet, but I know there are people out there.

You can sign up if you haven't yet at Get a free bird and 300 coins when you sign up.

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