Is It Appropriate To Post With Alt Accounts?

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Greetings Steemian's,

I've never made a dpoll post before, but this seems like a great way to get peoples opinions, plus I've been wanting to try it out anyway.

I notice some very prominent Steemian's who have strong opinions about gaming and vote farming, yet some of these Steemian's use alt accounts for things like Actifit, Dpoll, sending SBI shares for their main account, and other various activities that seem farmish to me.

So what do you think? Is this hypocritical, or do the standards that some of these Steemain's preach not apply to them because they work hard or have earned some status here?

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No, it's perfectly fine. (61.54%) 8 / 13
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Not sure. (30.77%) 4 / 13
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Yes, this is wrong.. (7.69%) 1 / 13
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