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Which bot is the most profitable to invest in?

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Well today i am going to add a little bit of a controversial poll but it's for a reason if you are going to read further.. As many as you know i am away from home with work and have limited free time and the worst i have limited wifi as well... so i decided to delegate my Steem Power to one of the bots. Keep in mind i am doing this because there are days when i can not curate and all the Steem that i am getting will be Power Up... For the moment i have delegated for few days to @tipu but i have to admit i am not happy at all with the returns and in the same time their site is not working (at least in my case) I will add below a short list of bots from Steem Bot Tracker but if you know a different one please let me know in Others section Looking forward to read you answers and why not a bit of info of your experience with that particular bot... PS: Damm i had no clue there are so many

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I really don't know! (29.41%) 5 / 17
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@smartsteem (17.65%) 3 / 17
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Others... please specify (17.65%) 3 / 17
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@smartmarket (11.76%) 2 / 17
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@rocky1 (5.88%) 1 / 17
5.88% Complete (success)
@appreciator (5.88%) 1 / 17
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@sneaky-ninja (5.88%) 1 / 17
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@upmyvote (5.88%) 1 / 17
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