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Where is your position on the great invitation of #LinkSeven77

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DTubeFamily777 is a wonderful initiative of @Nathanmars and through this great initiative @nathanmars are trying to introduce #linkseven77 project by Inviting #DtubeFamily777 Members to submit their Profile CV of ZNAP7. This will be the most powerful family in the Blockchain, who will be confident and believing in the long-term plan. So, the DTubeFamily777 is going to start a new chapter in the Blockchain world.


Through Linkerswen77 project has been called them whose who have confidence for the success of the emerging members, to submit their CV by ZNAP7. And its deadline is 17 January 2019.

My Today's Dpoll is for the great and long-term initiative of LinkSeven77 Project. If you believe in the teamwork, if you are confident, and if you believe in success through mutual cooperation, you will definitely be with this courageous initiative.

So tell us about yourself, where is your position on the great invitation of LinkSeven77?

Thanks in advance for your nice feedback. @hafizullah

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Already Submitted ZNAP7 (42.86%) 3 / 7
42.86% Complete (success)
Others (42.86%) 3 / 7
42.86% Complete (success)
Not Yet Submitted ZNAP7 (14.29%) 1 / 7
14.29% Complete (success)

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