Help Me Choose The Right Name For Character Number 9

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name me contest 9.png Hello Steemians,

Kindly help me choose the name for this new character that I had designed. I am running a contest on Steemit about suggesting a name for the characters that I create and this is the 9th edition already. I just recently found out about dpoll and had thought about using it to choose the name with your help.

Please choose which name you think is best for this character which I will temporarily call Character 9. Pay attention to the details on the character as well as the background used to help you decide

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Helador (25.71%) 18 / 70
25.71% Complete (success)
Straw Hat Lady (21.43%) 15 / 70
21.43% Complete (success)
Happy Vincent (21.43%) 15 / 70
21.43% Complete (success)
Rinaldi (12.86%) 9 / 70
12.86% Complete (success)
Priya (11.43%) 8 / 70
11.43% Complete (success)
Escaping Birds (7.14%) 5 / 70
7.14% Complete (success)

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