Which Shape Would You Like To See Developed Into A New Character?

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Hi Steemians,

I love designing new characters and use them for my contest which I call " Name Me Contest". I usually start the process of character design with just a few squiggles on the canvass. I wanted to check with you which of these squiggles would you like to see become a new character?

To give you an idea, here is a screen capture of the previous characters that I designed starting with a basic shape. The image on the left is my starting point and the one on the right is the final look of the character. These characters already appeared on the said contest that I host.


Now, let us see the choices that I prepared for you. Earlier I quickly did a few brush strokes and gave them some background colors already to help set the mood for the character. Kindly suggest by ticking the box of your choice below which of these would you like me to design a new character from: Image 1

Image 2 Image 3

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Image 2 (51.39%) 37 / 72
51.39% Complete (success)
Image 1 (26.39%) 19 / 72
26.39% Complete (success)
Image 3 (22.22%) 16 / 72
22.22% Complete (success)

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